Ireland Customs Glass Ornament

Nollaig Shona Dhuit is the Irish greeting that beams from the face of this lovely 3"glass ornament. A holly-adorned Christmas candle glittering in the window beautifully adds its charm to the front while the back is printed with many of the interesting Christmas customs of Ireland. 

The back reads:

Christmas Customs of Ireland

On Christmas Eve, in honor of the infant Jesus, the youngest family member is chosen to light the candle in the window. The light is a welcome to any who, like Mary and Joseph, might be looking for shelter. The candle burns all night long, and wanderers who pass by are given food and money. After church services on Christmas Day, families distribute baked goods to friends and relatives. On December 26, St. Stephen's Day, children participate in a custom called "Feed the Wren." With a wren in a cage, they proceed from door to door singing carols and collecting money for charity.  The season ends on January 6, which is known as "Little Christmas."


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Ireland Customs Glass Ornament

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